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金鼎獎童書作家哲也x小學生票選最愛系列〈小火龍〉插畫家水腦 強強聯手小熊兄妹的點子屋第3彈火熱出爐!一場腦力大火拚即將展開結合文字押韻和錯別字遊戲,在趣味故事中感受中文的奧妙!

  公主長睡不醒;可憐的小女孩因為豌豆而掛著黑眼圈;  泰山的吼叫聲失靈,再也沒有動物搭理……  這些那些,該怎麼辦呢?  今天,小熊兄妹的點子屋又要幫大家解決各種稀奇古怪的問題了,  才解決兩件事情,卻突然闖入兩名自稱「宇宙點子王」的傢伙,要和小熊兄妹一較高下!  比賽的試題是叫醒陷入沉睡的鄰國公主,  小熊兄妹能否順利通過押韻難題和火龍關卡,贏得這場比賽?  打破框架、翻轉童話故事新結局,好看好笑又好讀!


"Renowned children's book author Zheya teams up with the favorite illustrator of elementary school students, Mizunou, for the third installment of the 'Little Bear Siblings' Idea House' series! Get ready for a brain-teasing adventure where text rhymes and wordplay reveal the wonders of the Chinese language within entertaining stories.


Princesses trapped in eternal slumber, young girls sporting dark circles under their eyes because of peas, and the roar of Taishan falling on deaf animal ears... How can all these peculiar situations be resolved?


Today, the Little Bear Siblings' Idea House is back to solve these whimsical problems. Just as they're about to tackle two issues, two self-proclaimed 'Idea Kings of the Universe' enter the scene, challenging the Little Bear Siblings to a showdown! The competition's task is to wake up the neighboring kingdom's sleeping princess. Can the Little Bear Siblings overcome rhyming riddles and dragon challenges to win this contest?


Breaking conventions and turning traditional fairy tales upside down, this book is engaging, humorous, and a joy to read!


Book Highlights:

Combining text rhymes and wordplay to explore the nuances of the Chinese language with the Little Bear Siblings.

Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, helping children understand that everything has two sides.

Award-winning children's book author Zheya adds humor and a fresh twist to classic tales, making children burst into laughter.

Collaborating with Mizunou, the illustrator of the beloved 'Little Dragon' series, ensures a visually appealing and amusing reading experience.

Series Highlights:

Designed for children in lower to middle grades, bridging the gap between picture books and text-heavy books.

Recommended by experts, these books facilitate independent reading and foster reading habits in children.

Each book in the series uses vocabulary primarily from the Ministry of Education's list of commonly used characters for 7-9-year-olds.

Ranging from 5,000 characters for beginners to 20,000 characters for more advanced readers, the series offers a graded reading experience based on word count, themes, and complexity, allowing young readers to choose books that match their interests and abilities.

The series features a variety of story types, from fairy tales and everyday stories to folk tales and science-related readings.

Exceptional authors and illustrators in the children's literature field collaborate to create books that blend literary quality with reading functionality, igniting children's desire to read and establishing a solid foundation for their learning.

Expert Recommendations:

"The Little Bear Siblings - They love to eat, sleep (or get sleepy), and they love to be funny! Young readers - they can read, perform, and subvert! From the Idea House to the Snack House and now to the Idea Showdown! What? Sleeping Beauty is saved with this trick? The third installment of the Idea House is explosively funny! See how the Little Bear Siblings spark a different kind of fire with Sleeping Beauty! Language training is easy and fun! Rhyming stories make it easy for children to remember. Subverting the story stimulates children's creativity and imagination." — Xiao-ting Sung, Reading Promoter and Ciwen Elementary School Teacher

"The third installment of the Little Bear Siblings is here, and even before it was published, my son Yao Yao told me about the books in the 'Reading 123' series by CommonWealth Publishing. He liked them very much and asked if he could choose these books as his birthday gift this year. I was pleasantly surprised. When these five eagerly anticipated, imaginative, humorous, and slightly funny books arrived, he finished reading them in just two evenings. This child, on the eve of his seventh birthday, has entered the world of words and begun to explore it. — Sama

"The 'Reading 123' series is loved by my children! I enjoy watching my daughters laugh while reading humorous children's books, such as the ones by Teacher Lin Shih-Jen ('The Exchange Book'), which break away from conventional patterns. I always believe that when facing big challenges, a little humor can help one get through them more easily. I recommend these books for children from first to third grade." — Selena

"To make children fall in love with reading, I 'half-coerced' my entire class into taking turns reading books from the 'Reading 123' series, one book per week, and sharing their thoughts on stage. When I heard classmates say how funny and enjoyable a book was, every child wanted to read it! Students were as excited about meeting the authors and illustrators as they are about meeting their favorite celebrities! — Yang Jiahui, Teacher at Jiayi Wenyazhong Elementary School

"Every child can become an independent reader with the 'Reading 123' series. This series of bridge books does not delve into complex concepts but instead uses experiences close to children's hearts, employing fun and even humorous fairy tales to help lower-grade and middle-grade children develop a love for reading. It slowly helps them transition from liking reading to adapting to books with more words and longer chapters. The 'Reading 123' series is a targeted attempt, hoping that with bridge books, every child can become an independent reader and learn new knowledge through reading." — Hua-wei Ke, Professor at National Central University, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning"


  • 哲也

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