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This picture book employs the use of fountain pen and watercolor, skillfully presenting China's twenty-four solar terms through delightful cartoon illustrations. These terms have been a part of Chinese folk culture from ancient times to the present, as they are based on the changes in natural climate. Originating from agricultural practices and experiences, the twenty-four solar terms have deep cultural significance in China. The entire book is bilingual, providing clear and accessible explanations.


As for the calligraphy copybook, it does not only introduce the names of the solar terms but also includes the "seventy-two pentads," where each term corresponds to a five-day period. This offers readers an opportunity to practice calligraphy while immersing themselves in the study of Chinese culture in a novel way.


We are excited to share these exquisite works with you, as they promise to add joy and cultural enrichment to your exploration of Chinese traditions and calligraphy.

硬筆書法帖《細繪年月 ·舒寫時節》Calligraphy copybook: 24 solar terms

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