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I really love what these handwriting practice books talk about: "Start practicing writing from tiny places and see the huge effects of stacking your own habits." It's like what the bestselling book "Atomic Habits" says, even small changes can lead to massive achievements.


葉曄 is a famous calligraphy teacher in Taiwan, and the practice books they produce are always well-loved. The standout feature of these sets of practice books is that they start from radicals, working from the small aspects to drive muscle memory through repeated practice. Both regular script and cursive script have the same selection of characters, making it easy for learners to compare while practicing.


The "Body Memory" experimental series of practice books come in sets of two, including the "Collective Edition" and the "Portable Edition". Apart from the different binding methods, the content, paper, everything is exactly the same. This is because the publisher noticed that consumers often hesitate to write in their practice books, so they made it as a set of two. The former can be kept for collection, while the latter is convenient to tear off for writing or carry around. If you don't mind using both, you get twice the practice.


Before starting the practice, there's a section in the practice book that introduces warm-up finger exercises for each basic stroke type. The book also includes a QR code that leads to a webpage with a list of demonstration videos designed for learners. The whole book is translated into English, catering to different learning needs.


Content: Each practice book has 9 pages of instructions and explanations, 25 pages of practice sheets, and it also comes with a faux sheepskin writing pad.

About 葉曄×夜夜寫字(ohyayeh)

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Chinese Calligraphy Regular Script/Cursive Script - Radical

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