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Greenlights: Your Journal, Your Journey is a guided companion to the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Greenlights, filled with prompts, pithy quotes, adages, outlaw wisdom, and advice on how to live with greater satisfaction from Matthew McConaughey.
Matthew has been writing in journals since he was fifteen years old. His adventures have taken him from Texas to Australia, from Mali to Peru—and he has chronicled them all. In this authentic, unconventional journal, the prompts encourage going inside: remembering, reflecting, and musing, and also going outside: adventuring, taking risks, and dreaming big. Who could be a better guide for seekers setting out on the road to understanding their lives inside and out, past, present, and future?




"The notebook is beautiful and looks very stylish with its leather cover and elegant design. The paper quality is excellent, making it a pleasure to write on.But what I love most about this journal notebook is that it's not just a blank notebook. It includes prompts and spaces to write about your day, your thoughts, and your goals. This feature makes it easy to use and also motivates me to write in it every day.


The journal prompts and writing spaces are thoughtful and well-organized. It's easy to focus on one area of my life or thoughts and write about them in more depth. I've found this to be a great way to reflect on my day, set goals for myself, and even work through my emotions and feelings."


"I was hesitant to purchase this journal because it was horizontally longer, all my other journals are vertically longer. However, I found the orientation perfectly fine and it stands out. The hardcover is thick and smooth giving it a great feel, the pages are high-quality off-white, and the content from the source book is really helpful while I'm journalling. The color of the hardcover is a soothing brown. Whoever designed this took great care in doing so and it is greatly appreciated."


"If you can't think outside the box, you might have trouble with the prompts in the journal. This is a perfect journal for INFJ personality types (I am and 3 of my friends are too and we all love it) it's good for anyone though. I learned somethings that I would've never known if not for this journal."

Greenlights: Your Journal, Your Journey - Matthew McConaughey

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