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We’ve Only Just Begun

After three months of running our Facebook page, we finally have this more formal website. We apologize for the delay in creating this website. Firstly, our little store is a one-person operation, and secondly, I kept pondering over the format of the website without making a final decision. Finally, on September 19th, I made the decision to start because only by starting can we have the possibility to continue, just like the saying in Cantonese, '洗濕個頭sai2 sap1 go3 tau4'(too late to back out, [literal] might as well wash the hair as it is already wet).

Not only the website but also our little bookstore is the same. It all started with my initial idea and the encouragement of my husband. On June 12th, I created a Facebook page. Looking back, today, after more than three months, we have accumulated over eight hundred followers from all around the world, which was truly unexpected. Although I am still exploring without a map, navigation, route, or destination, traveling light, and going with the flow. Along the way, I've met different people, enriched my journey, and gained the strength to keep moving forward. Gradually, I've got some clues. Yes, this is a journey with no destination, only the enjoyment of the process. Along the way, with varying pace, sometimes resting, sometimes traveling together, discovering the surprises that come from reading. So, this website should be the same. We're not just cold shelves or an unmanned store. Our main purpose here is to make it easier for everyone to find books and provide multiple platforms for readers who don't use Facebook/Instagram. We haven't included too much information to continue the interaction and keep the opportunity to stay in touch with customers. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you'll appreciate this approach.

P.S: Regarding our logo, it was initially used as a stamp for renting books. When we first started our Facebook page, we used it as a temporary profile picture, and who would have known that it would become our emblem.

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