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  • This textbook is an updated version of "Hong Kong Cantonese 1". Changed to the Romanization System of "Jyutping" which is widely used, and added new exercises and lesson.
  • A structured textbook edited by our team of Cantonese teachers, based on years of Cantonese teaching. Content includes vocabulary, grammar, useful expressions and oral practices.
  • In addition, special topics such as “yam cha”, local food and drinks are included. Students can learn Cantonese and understand Canton’s unique culture in an interesting and fun way.
  • Both Cantonese and Mandarin (including pinyin) are put forward, enabling more in-depth learning about the Chinese language. Illustrations are highly localized and engaging which make your studies even more enjoyable.
  • In order to provide an effective learning experience, the textbook is made compatible with electronic smartpen, which strengthens students’ listening and speaking abilities.



English, Cantonese and Mandarin



SOW Publishing Ltd.





Publication Date

Jan, 2024



First Edition




Cantonese Step by Step 1 (Jyutping version)

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